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Although it's been kept hidden from the public for many years,
one of the issues that remains underground in today's online
society is the slavery of stick figures. Certain animators
and graphic designers have decided to abuse their rights as
and owners of the stick figures they create. Although
the ownership of the stick figures is acceptable, it is unfair that
certain sticks are not guaranteed the same rights as other
animations. All sticks are created equal.
On, we provide a way out for stick figures
that are put through cruel and unusual punishment. The world
until now has been completely ignorant of this reality. We open
the door for enslaved sticks to be free. With the help of complex
formulas and codes, we've embedded a "Stick-Freeing" command
in the HTML of the pop-up window that appears when the page
loads completely.
Simply click on the link on the pop-up and you are free!